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Our Beers

The original product lineup included three session ales—low-alcohol, drinkable beers that would hopefully convert some of the local non-craft beer scene, as well as appeal to the greater Texas market. The intent was to release bigger beers as part of the seasonal and special release lineup.


The popularity of India Pale Ales prompted the addition of the brewery’s first IPA, Dankosaurus, to the year-round lineup in the Spring of 2014, and it has been wildly successful. Additionally, the brewery has released several Special Releases—including the gold medal winning Wobbly Belgian-style Dubbel—that have been well received in the craft beer community. While the IPA and some of our Special Releases are higher in alcohol than the original lineup, they all maintain a balance and drinkability that is the hallmark of Cedar Creek Brewery.


*bbl is a barrel, or 31 gallons. The larger kegs you see around are called ½ bbl, which contain 15.5 gallons.

"Great atmosphere. Food is awesome and friendly staff. Beer is good too. Worth the drive from Dallas."

- Adrian Frechel

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