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Dark, full-bodied, roasty and malty with a silky mouthfeel. Slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. Pairs well with nearly everything. An all-day stout. Try it with chocolate or caramel desserts as well as stews and grilled meats.

2016 Commonwealth Cup Gold Medal Winner



  • Alcohol content - 5.1% by volume

  • Bitterness units - 30

  • SRM - 36

  • Hops - Apollo

  • Malts - Chocolate, Roasted, Golden Promise

After a long day of road tripping, cow tipping, and being attacked by a swarm of bees, you've probably worked up quite a thirst. Or maybe none of those things happened... Either way, kick back and enjoy the heck out of this crisp pale lager. Holy Schnikes! It’s so refreshing and easy to drink with just the right amount of malty goodness, bready notes, and a dry finish. Spicy and subtly citrus, the hop character won't hit you in the face like a two-by-four. It really hits the spot right here. Not here or here so much. But right here. Quit playing with your dinghy and try it!


Pairs with salads, seafood, spicy cuisine, and soft cheeses.

2016 Can Can Awards Bronze Medal Winner  



  • Alcohol content - 5.1% by volume

  • Bitterness units - 35

  • SRM - 5

  • Hops - Hallertauer

  • Malts - German Pilsner, Munich

Year-Round Beers

At Cedar Creek Brewery in Seven Points, we're dedicated to bringing you the best craft beers we can create. From our award-winning Belgian-style Dubbel to our extremely popular Dankosaurus IPA, there's a beer for every taste.

"The people are amazing, the beer is amazing, the visitors are amazing. Heck, I'm amazed, and the DUTCH MAN is not amazed easily..."

- Dutchman's Smokehouse

The Lawn Ranger Cream Ale

Cream Ale is a style that is under-appreciated by most of the craft beer world, and we want to change that. Lawn Ranger is session ale with a solid malt character from the US 2-row, Rye, and Flaked Oats. Rye and Oats are not typical ingredients for cream ale but they allow us to keep the alcohol low and still provide a body to the beer. We use a minimal blend of Apollo and Bravo hops to balance the malts and German Alt yeast.  This is the one to drink during the Texas summers or when you want to have more than a couple.


This is enjoyed best during the Texas summers, with sweet, hot, or spicy foods.



  • Alcohol content - 5.0% by volume

  • Bitterness units - 17

  • SRM -  3

  • Hops - Apollo, Bravo

  • Malts - US 2-Row, Rye Malt, Flaked Oats

Dankosaurus IPA

Who doesn’t love a great IPA? The secret of this brew is that we used actual dinosaur bones. Okay, that was a lie. But we did throw in enough hops to bury a Brontosaurus.


Inspired by some of our favorite West Coast IPAs, the bold pine, citrus, peach, and tangerine hop flavors, along with a clean bitterness are balanced by a velvety malt backbone. This beautiful blend of flavor and drinkability showcases the truly unique Eureka hop which we find to be delightfully juicy and dank. You don’t need tiny arms and a huge head to enjoy this mammoth IPA!


You'll find this IPA pairs excellently with spicy food and pungent cheese.

2016 Commonwealth Cup Bronze Medal Winner

2016 Best Little Brewfest in Texas Silver Medal Winner  



  • Alcohol content - 6.8% by volume

  • Bitterness units - 65

  • SRM - 6

  • Hops - Apollo, Bravo, Eureka

  • Malts - US 2-Row, German Munich

Oat 'N Aboat Oatmeal Stout

Patio Pounder Pale Lager

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